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Neuropathy Fix Book


NEUROPATHY FIX WORKS WITH FAST AND TANGIBLE RESULTS -  Read about the science and the fix in simple terms (60 pages). 

Unraveling the Neuropathy-Mycotoxin-Link: Mycotoxin poisoning can induce ALS and various forms of non-traumatic neuropathy (diabetic and peripheral neuropathy, MS,  etc.). Profiteers ignore the evidence but this does not make the evidence go away. This easy-read is by the author of the popular book, “How Statin Drugs Really Lower Cholesterol (And Kill You One Cell at a Time)” and developer of Herp-B-Gone, one of the most trusted natural anti-viral topicals on the market today. Many mycotoxins are well-proven nerve toxins, causing a whole host of non-traumatic neuropathies. By blocking cholesterol, protein and carbohydrate metabolism, fungal toxins cause biological matter to rot. It causes cells to literally fall apart at the seams (degenerate) – as do statin drugs. The good news of statins is that now we have an answer to a whole host of nerve and muscle wasting diseases, for which there were once no known cause. Remedy can only follow known cause.

The 3 Natural Remedies for Dr. Hannah’s neuropathy repair protocol are Step 1: Neuropathy Fix-I (Mycotoxin-binding food mix to abate nerve cell degeneration), Step 2: Neuropathy Fix-2 (Nutrients to support nerve cell repair) and Step 3: Neuropathy Fix-3 (Energizing drink mix to optimize nerve cell function). This protocol is simple, but not easy! Every step is backed by conventional science. Having made a thorough investigation, it is time to take the first step and start your journey back to health. Read on...!

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