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  • SJOGREN'S SYNDROME Treatment Bundle

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    MD-FORMULATED - By Hannah Yoseph, MD - maker of best-selling HERP-B-GONE, author and formulator of all-natural medicines for conditions touted to have no remedy. HERE IS INDISPUTABLE EVIDENCE THAT TOXINS FROM H. PYLORI INDUCE SJOGREN'S SYNDROME. The logical mode of remedy follows PROVEN cause: 1. SJOGREN'S FORMULA-1 (Bind the toxins) 2. SJOGREN'S FORMULA-2 (Repair the broken cells)

    REAL MEDICINE based on REAL SCIENCE with REAL RESULTS - READ ALL ABOUT IT! Free booklet includes MULTIPLE LAYERS OF EVIDENCE to support Sjogren's Formula-1 and Sjogren's Formula-2!


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    The connection between H. pylori infection and Sjogren's Syndrome is not up for debate. There are also many other mycotoxin-like toxins that induce sicca syndrome (destruction of connective tissue cells of the lubricating glands of the eyes and mouth). STEP ONE: BIND THE TOXINS. The FIRST STEP is Sjogren's Formula-1. All of the ingredients in Sjogren's Formula-1 are potent mycotoxin/toxin binders. These organic and natural ingredients include: Colostrum, Beta Glucan, Glutamine, Glycine, Ginger, Ginseng, Curcumin, Quercetin, Mannose, Honey Granules (and Xylitol for flavor). All of these natural ingredients are powerful toxin binders. Most are plant compounds uniquely employed by plants to prevent cell-wall destruction by mold-derived toxins. All of the plant flavonoids additionally suppress the JNK gene which is activated by H. pylori toxins. STEP TWO: REPAIR THE BROKEN CELLS. The SECOND STEP is Sjogren's Formula-2. After two weeks of taking Sjogren's Formula-1, it is time to fuel cells with building blocks to repair ruptured gland cells and nerve myelin (the protective coat of nerves ruptured by H. pylori toxins). At the start of week 3, add Sjogren's Formula-2 to your morning dose of Sjogren's Formula-1. Follow the directions provided on the label and the package instructional sheet. Sjogren's Formula-2 is formulated to provide gland cells and nerve glial cells the basic nutrients needed to repair lubricating glands and nerves and includes other amino acids that support cell growth and repair. It is a powerful mix of ingredients, designed to boost the body’s natural ability to make growth hormone, which helps to strengthen all cells. The ingredients include: Lecithin, glycine, maca, glutamine, colostrum, citrulline malate, magnesium citrate, calcium ascorbate, mucuna, GABA and ribose. Real Science. Real Medicine. Real Results. READ ALL ABOUT IT: Free booklet includes MULTIPLE LAYERS OF EVIDENCE to support Sjogren's Formula-1 and Sjogren's Formula-2!